Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept template contributions?

Yes, if they are somewhat general. And, it is a great way to have me maintain template compatibility for you in case something changes in a future version.

Either open an issue or push them to a fork on GitHub.

I don’t like your choice of template language

[It isn’t really a question, but it has come up a couple of times.]

The use of Jinja should only be an issue if you wish to author your own templates, if you’re using the built-in templates you shouldn’t notice Jinja at all. That said...

The use of Jinja seems to be an entry barrier to some people, but it isn’t going to change. For the same – invariably pointless and religious – reasons people prefer other templating engines I prefer Jinja.


With all that said, I probably wouldn’t be opposed to accepting patches supporting additional optional engines ;)

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